It is human nature to follow, to embrace the ‘norm’. It is almost like the world is trying to make you just like everyone else. Not living by society’s standards takes courage but it is the only way to reach your full potential.

Don’t try to be different, be yourself. From the way you dress to your career path you should always be able to express your personality. Whether you work as a banker in Wall Street, in a shop in Toronto or as a photographer in Europe is irrelevant - nobody should ever be able to duplicate you. The world has enough followers. Be yourself, be a TIMESGENT.

Different times, different styles. At TIMESGENT we believe that you deserve quality watches to express your individuality in every aspect of your life without breaking the bank.

Event though watches have been here for hundreds of years nowadays it seems like companies only want to sell you the same minimalist look at a very expensive price point. We disagree.

Wear your great distinctive watch with pride and get more bang for your buck.